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Career Coaching

Whether you're entering or RE-entering the job market, we can help you land the job. Resumes, Cover Letters, Interview Skills - we’ve got you covered.
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We offer personalized admissions consulting for MBA and PhD programs, including resume and CV revision, personal statement brainstorming and editing, and interview preparation for graduate school and business school.

Test Prep

JEM provides personalized instruction for standardized test content as well as strategy for the GRE and GMAT, the ACT and SAT, and the TOEFL.

How We Help You Achieve


Our Top Priority

We understand that test prep & admissions consulting is a premium industry with premium prices but no regulations or guarantees. You do NOT want to invest in a service that isn’t a good fit.

That’s why honesty is our #1 value.

We will tell you the truth, even if it might not be what you want to hear. But you will be able to make an informed decision about whether we are the right fit for you.


How to Be Strategic

So many students want to be accepted into their dream program but don’t know what it takes to get there. 

Through our process, you will learn how to best position yourself for universities 
acquire the big-picture thinking skills to envision a path that fulfills your dreams. 

When we’re done, you’ll have the confidence to grow and achieve your goals.


We've Been There

We know the stress and exhaustion that goes along with the process, and we know what it takes to succeed. 

Not only do we each have 10+ years of industry expertise working with hundreds of students, but we have also gone through the admissions process to pursue our own Masters’ degrees.

Work with experienced professionals who understand the in’s and out’s.
On all levels.


A Strategic & Guided Path To Achieving Your Goals

Step 1

Share Your Goals With Us

Spend 20 minutes chatting with us and get expert advice on your test prep & admissions goals for FREE.

Step 2

Strategize & Get to Work

We each have over a decade of experience that will help you craft an achievable strategy.

Step 3

Achieve Your Goal

Take your test or send your applications in! Then, bask in the sunshine of your achievements!



"Through Joa's help, I was able to do well enough on the GMAT to get accepted to a great business school and now I'm in my first year working post-MBA. I can recommend her to ANYONE who isn't feeling confident about the GMAT. She will help sharpen all the tools in your kit, build up your confidence, and help you get your best score."

Donovan W.

GMAT Student

"Joa's guidance and assistance with my GRE Prep was instrumental to the success of my Masters application at Harvard. Joa is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to structure lessons that tailored to my needs. I was working in Singapore and Joa was highly flexible with her schedule in order to accommodate me. I have been recommending her service to everyone I know!"

Carolyn H.

GRE/Admissions Student

"My tutor Emily really went out of her way to help me prepare for my GMAT exam. Given my tight time constraints, she was more than willing to sacrifice time over the Christmas holidays so that I could meet my MBA application deadlines. Based on my GMAT results, I consider my sessions with Emily as a worthwhile investment."

Lesego M.

GMAT Student

We Care About Your Success



Joa and Emily are the owners and primary consultants at JEM Achievement. When you sign on to work with us, you know who you’re working with from the very beginning. We offer personalized, tailored skill-building for success on standardized tests and in navigating the admissions process for graduate and undergraduate applications. At JEM we believe that the skills you build for these tasks should absolutely be used time and again for professional and personal success, even after the standardized test is aced and the degree is in hand.

JEM Achievement is an owner-operated business, through and through. We make a connection with our clients and believe in their success as much as they do. When we help you succeed, we succeed too.

We know that the admissions process, from standardized testing, to choosing a school, to asking for recommendations, to writing those application essays, to starting classes on day one, can be daunting and make you doubt yourself. We’ve even been there ourselves. We can help you achieve success on your terms. We’ve done it, and we’ve helped others do it too through our services.

When you work with JEM, you get the advantage of Joa and Emily’s combined experience. We work as a team to give you rounded perspectives on how you can best achieve your success. JEM offers an investment in your future. We can’t wait to meet you!

Test Prep & Admissions:
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