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How to nail the test when your schedule is already full




Where it began

We’ve worked with students just like you and helped them improve their SAT scores to get into their top choice schools. Holly’s family had high expectations for her, and she did too! She was a top student in school, and the plan was for her to apply to top-tier undergraduate universities. They all thought that the SAT would be a breeze for her, but to everyone’s surprise she was struggling to secure a score in the top 90th percentile.

She performed relatively well on all of the sections, but she couldn’t seem to get the extra points needed to secure a top score. Part of this was because once a student reaches a certain score level, a single question will have a greater impact on that higher score. Ultimately, Holly was a great test-taker overall but was not missing out on points when she ran into harder questions, which make a big difference.

She thought she was doing all of the right things by taking multiple practice tests and reviewing wrong answers. She did learn some new things and made some positive adjustments on her own, but she was still getting stuck. Particularly, some of the higher-level math questions were tripping her up. She had trouble finding people who could clearly explain how to solve the problem, so she felt like she was taking tons of time to hunt down a solution. Not only was it frustrating, but she also simply didn’t have the time. Between school, extracurriculars, tutors, and family obligations she was hitting a wall.

Working with us

During our first session, we took a look through the practice tests she had done on her own (there were quite a few!) and noticed a few themes. When it came to math, she was a master of most of the material. However, when it came to more advanced questions, she was losing points and time. For English, she did great when it came to grammar, but she was losing points when assessing how to logically connect ideas. She flew when it came to Reading and had great accuracy with the majority of Science questions, though there were a few things she could improve on her own with practice.

Based on this, we formed a strategic plan. Given her limited time, we wanted to target her time with her tutor where it would have the greatest impact. Because she was making progress when it came to Reading and Science, we decided it was best to let her continue that portion independently (she just needed more practice). However, Math and English were where we could really make great progress as a team. We set one and a half hour sessions that focused on how the SAT thinks about logical connections in the English section. Once she understood the reasoning and had some practice and feedback with it, she flew! When it came to Math, we found she did best when she was allowed to attempt a question on her own and then have a guided discussion and breakdown of the question. By the end, she scored in the 95th percentile and pursued her degree with confidence!

SAT preparation doesn’t have to be something you dread! 

When you work with a JEM expert, you’re working with someone who has over 10 years of experience in teaching people how to achieve their test goals, and not only that, but also in making it a little bit fun!


Common Challenges

The students we've worked with have struggled with the full range of difficulties associated with SAT test preparation.

Content: English, math, reading, writing -- the SAT covers a lot of ground, and it can feel like a lot if you’re trying to cram the details!

Strategy: how to approach each question type so that your skills can shine through!

Timing: sometimes the clock ticking down gets under your skin and you just can’t focus -- but we can help desensitize the timing pressure so you’re good to go!

Organization: preparation and materials can be overwhelming -- we help you understand what to focus on.

Confidence: even the strongest students can suffer from a lack of confidence, but when you work with a test prep expert, you have someone who knows you and your strengths cheering you on and giving you tangible tips to stay on an upward trajectory!

Motivation: how to break through those slumps where you’d rather do anything besides test prep!


Private Tutorials

The first step towards taking charge of your studies!
Let's look at what you can do with your hours.
Start with a thorough assessment of strengths and challenges and organize a personalized game plan.


Work on challenging content areas, keeping an eye out for strategy and confidence-building opportunities.


We’ll keep working on content areas, practicing timing and strategy, and start addressing motivation as needed.


Each hour is a power-packed session with a test prep expert.  Our experts have over 10 years of experience helping students in exactly your position, and that experience means you’ll have the best help available to achieve your goals.

Everything is customized to you










For added value, we have a free BONUS!

When you work with JEM Achievement experts for 12 or more hours, you’ll receive an Admissions Strategy Session, valued at $275 but yours for free.  An Admissions Strategy Session is a full hour of time with one of our Admissions Specialists to review your applicant profile and plan a timeline for your application process.  We’ll help you feel empowered and in control of your applications, setting you up for success!

We can’t wait to meet you and get started on achieving your goals!


Private Tutorial Packages

A la carte hours available at a rate of $125/hour for up to 12 hours, and $115/hour thereafter.
6 hours

Total Cost $750 $125 /hour
Most Popular
12 hours
Bonus Included!
Total Cost $1,380 $115 /hour
24 hours
Bonus Included!
Total Cost $2,760 $115 /hour

Meet the Experts



We (Joa and Emily) met while working for Big Test Prep companies and knew there was a better, more personalized way to provide digital test prep and admissions consulting services. Thus, JEM Achievement was born: tailored and flexible support available online, no matter where you are. JEM empowers students in pursuit of advanced education through curated courses, private tutoring, and strategic coaching. We strive to have a hand in developing future leaders within their communities, instilling a solid set of values to be carried forward.

We have worked with hundreds of SAT, ACT, and undergraduate admissions students over the course of our 10+ year careers in private education and know how stressful test preparation can be. With classes, extracurriculars, and life, we realize that test prep courses are difficult to add into the mix, but we also know that they are an extremely important piece of the admissions puzzle. We also realize that you don’t always know if you’re paired up with an instructor who is a good fit for you.

Both of us have compatible styles with sometimes different perspectives and strengths, which is why we make such a great team! When you work with one of us, you can be sure that you’re still getting the other because we are in constant communication behind the scenes, strategizing ways to bring out the best in your abilities. We have worked with students from all over the world from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of goals. You can be sure with us that you’ll receive honest advice and work with people who care about you as an individual. We know what achievement can do for self-confidence, and we want you to find success!


Where do my Private Tutorial sessions take place and what kind of program will we use?
Our sessions will be online: we know you’ve got a full schedule, and we have clients all over the world. We’re accessible no matter where you are and what else you’ve got going on! We are happy to meet you via WebEx or Adobe Connect, both of which have screen sharing and whiteboards. Neither of these platforms will cost anything for you -- all you need is a bit of time to get set up to understand how the platform works, and then you’re ready to rock!
Can I access my sessions on my phone or tablet instead of my computer?
Technically yes! However, we recommend that you use a laptop or desktop computer to participate in your Private Tutorial sessions in order to get the most value out of the instruction offered.
Do the Private Tutorial sessions include any materials?
When you work with one of our test prep experts, you’ll get personalized recommendations for the best test prep materials on the market for your particular situation. During our initial consultation with you, we’ll find out whether you have any materials already, discuss the areas in which you’d like to make the most improvements, and suggest the best materials for you to purchase for our sessions.
Who are the Private Tutorials designed for?
We have specifically designed the Private Tutorial sessions for students in high school who need a thoughtful guide through the process of preparing for the SAT. We help students who need to boost their composite scores, but do not feel confident about being able to do it by themselves.
Who are the Private Tutorials NOT designed for?
If you already feel quite confident in your test-taking ability and are scoring in the range required for your college and university applications, our service may not be a best fit for you since you’re right where you need to be already!
How many hours should I sign up for?
The minimum number of hours we typically recommend is 12 -- this can be divided into 12 one-hour sessions, or 8 hour-and-a-half sessions. This is typically enough time to do either a deep dive on up to 2 sections with a high level overview of the remaining sections or a review of all sections of the test. If you suspect you may need a deep dive on all sections of the test, we typically recommend 24 hours of tutorial time. We’d be very happy to talk about the specifics of your situation and give you a personalized recommendation! Please click here to contact us.
How does scheduling work?
During our initial consultation with you, we’ll discuss a general outline of availability to make sure scheduling is a smooth process. Then you and your test prep expert will schedule directly with each other, deciding when and how often you’ll meet. Once sessions are confirmed, you’ll receive a Google Calendar Invite via email with information about the focus of the session and any other relevant links!
How do I get started with my Private Tutorials for SAT Preparation?
So glad you asked -- click below!

Private Tutorial Packages

A la carte hours available at a rate of $125/hour for up to 12 hours, and $115/hour thereafter.
6 hours

Total Cost $750 $125 /hour
Most Popular
12 hours
Bonus Included!
Total Cost $1,380 $115 /hour
24 hours
Bonus Included!
Total Cost $2,760 $115 /hour

We're ready to talk through your options!
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